Remote Rescue in 3 Easy Steps  
Call Dr-Desktop at 613-445-1500 and request remote support.
A Doctor will then issue you a PIN number.
Enter your 6-digit PIN code:

Dr-Desktop will then securely log onto your computer with you on the line and solve the problem. *
About Remote Desktop Support  
Dr-Desktop can solve a wide variety of computer related problems.  We use remote desktop software that requires no previous set up on your part and can connect through most routers and firewalls regardless of the configuration. Our techs can share your screen and actually see what you see. This makes it easy for them to help solve the problem and it is much easier on you.  After calling or e-mailing Dr-Desktop a technician will direct you to a link on our website and provide you with a 6 digit PIN code or email you a link to get connected to your machine. When the repairs are complete the connection is broken.  All traces of the Remote connection disappear from the remote PC when the session is finished.

Here are just a few of the services that our Full Service Remote Dr-Desktop technicians can provide:
  • Locate and remove running viruses
  • Identify and eliminate spyware applications
  • Install new software on your computer
  • Troubleshoot computer glitches
  • Unlock hidden features on your computer
  • Assist with your printer or other peripheral devices
  • Teach you the best way to maintain your computer
  • Increase the security of your Internet connection
  • And much more!

* Please note: A high speed internet connection is required so our technicians can properly connect to your computer.

Dr-Desktop provides a wide variety of computer support services.

•Complete Business Solution
•On-site Service
•In-store Service Depot
•New and Used Computer Sales
•Anti-Virus/Spyware Removal
•Data Backup and Recovery
•Remote Rescue
•Web Design

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Having trouble with your computer? Dr-Desktop provides Remote Rescue in 3 easy steps.
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